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Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising ideas with YoYo Balloons

The YoYo Balloon is a small balloon that packs a lot of fun. Bouncing on the end of a rubber string, it is the YoYo that always comes back to you. It is a specially made double-thickness latex balloon which is filled with water and air. The balloon is sealed with a clip and has an elastic rubber "string" tied with a loop on the end for your finger. The toy works on the same premise as any standard YoYo.

Easy to set up at Gala and Fundraising Events, this product will help you raise funds for your cause. YoYo Balloons can be sold for the price of a gold coin and are very popular where there are a large number of children.

Try our Fundraiser YoYo Balloon Kit that comes with everything you need to get you started.

Our company is the exclusive and premier wholesale distributor of YoYo Balloons worldwide since 1998.  We import YoYo Balloons directly from our factory in Japan.  When you purchase direcly from us, you are sure to get the Original YoYo Balloons.

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The YoYo fishing game is great to play at parties, corporate and school events, promising to entertain children and adults alike. Balloons are put into a pool of water and the challenge is to hook one out – this is your prize.



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YoYo Balloons Fund Kit.
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Starter Kit - 500 Count YoYo Balloons
YoYo Balloons starter kit.
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